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Your gift to "cash for kits" covers material aid shipping costs and provides funding to purchase items locally in-country. Local purchases enable an immediate or culturally appropriate response. For example, in Haiti MCC provided funding for the purchase of local food, cooking and kitchen equipment and temporary shelters after the Haiti Earthquake in Dec. 2010. MCC receives requests for up to $100,000 annually for these types of purchases.

Or if you prefer to designate your gift to be used by your regional MCC office to purchase MCC kit contents please use the comments box to designate your gift to one of the following offices:  MCC East Coast, MCC Great Lakes, MCC Central States or West Coast MCC.

If you are donating to help detained migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, please note "immigration detainee care kit" in the comments box of the online donation form. 


Cash for kits

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