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For more than a decade, MCC has partnered with Faith Alive Foundation to provide a comprehensive HIV and AIDS program that includes testing, prenatal care, delivery and counseling. Faith Alive staff also lead trainings in churches and communities about the importance of prenatal care and preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV. MCC also funds scholarships for orphans and supports programs that help people living with HIV develop additional skills to support themselves and their families.

"Someone helped me and took care of me; I will do the same to many!" declares Mrs. T. Talatu. Facing the news she tested positive for HIV, Talatu didn’t see a way forward knowing she was pregnant and rejected by her family. At the suggestion of neighbors, she turned to Faith Alive Clinic for help and support. She got it. They provided her counselling, medication, a mentor and classes in knitting. Months later her baby girl was born and tested negative for the disease. Now a knitting business owner, she provides for her family, educates others about HIV stigma and discrimination and mentors other women.  She is passing on the love she received at Faith Alive Clinic.

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