Ukraine emergency response

Despite an initially successful ceasefire introduced in July 2020, the situation in Ukraine remains volatile in areas affected by the conflict. Ceasefire violations have increased since January 2021, which keeps families food insecure and at risk of harm.

There has been an increase of injuries, death and damage to homes due to mines and explosive remnants of war. Ukraine has no state mechanism to assist mine victims, and humanitarian access to many conflict-affected areas remains limited.

Your donations to support food assistance and peacebuilding in Ukraine aims at improving access to food for low-income families. This includes distributing food packages, including canned meat, to 95 individuals long-term. The project is also educating and equipping 40 participants of a peacebuilding conference with conflict resolution training. 15 local volunteers and ministers are participating in food distribution and peacebuilding training.

Thank you for your genersority.

Project ID: 648
Ukraine emergency response

Providing food assistance and peacebuilding training to families affected by the conflict in Ukraine.