MCC uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection to ensure that your personal information is secure when making online transactions.

SSL is the international standard for exchanging information securely on the internet, and is supported by all popular browsers.

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How to tell when a page is secure

The URL of a page using SSL security will start with https: rather than http:.

Your browser will also display a symbol (usually a closed lock) on the screen to indicate that the page information it has received was encrypted, and that it will also encrypt any information that it sends back to the server.

How SSL security works

Your broswer connects to an SSL server, and automatically asks the server for a Certificate of Authority (CA) to authenticate the server's identity, making sure you are not sending information to an imposter. The browser makes sure the domain name matches the name on the certificate, and that the certificate has been generated by a trusted third party authority.

If there is a problem with the certificate, even if it is just out of date, your browser will notify you with a popup window and ask you if you still wish to continue.

If there are no problems, your browser encrypts the data it sends to the server making it unreadable to any potential hackers enroute. At the server it is decrypted using a secret key, so the information can be used only as intended.

View the MCC Privacy Policy for more information on how MCC uses your information.