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Global Family - Indonesia - Papua Education

In isolated areas of Papua and West Papua, indigenous students must often live far from their parents. Foundation for Community Health and Education serves children and young adult students. Staff visit and encourage students in their studies and concerns. Your Global Family gift helps students pay school costs and helps operate several student libraries that provide reading resources.

Global Family - Honduras - Proyecto MAMA

Proyecto MAMA (Women Friends Miles Apart) has a vision: to help children born into poverty to survive and develop their full potential. This program of the Honduran Evangelical Mennonite Church holds parent and teacher workshops. It advocates for children with special needs and learning disabilities. Your gift supports six preschools, two tutoring and student support centers and education scholarships.


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Global Family - Indonesia - Teacher Training Project

Teacher recruitment is difficult for isolated districts across Indonesia’s vast archipelago. This program of Satya Wacana Christian University recruits local teachers who commit to return to teach in their home areas for at least five years. Your gift contributes to student tuition, fees, cross-cultural orientation and mentoring to help new teachers adapt and succeed in their studies.

Global Family - India - West Bengal Education Programme

A nation’s improvement lies in citizen education, yet thousands of Indian children are unable to attend school. This program supports West Bengal students Grade 5 through secondary school who have financial need and aptitude to complete schooling. Your support helps students complete secondary school and provides funds for school improvements and special project needs.

Global Family - India - Community Schools Programme

Many Indian students need help to pay for education. Community Schools Programme focuses on orphans, single-parent children and underprivileged children. The program works with schools and nongovernmental organizations to identify students needing support. Your Global Family gift funds schooling, improves classrooms, builds library collections and fills other areas of student need.

Global Family - Guatemala - K'ekchi Education

The rural K'ekchi people, speaking only K'ekchi, have not had access to education in Spanish-speaking Guatemala. On Saturdays, the K'ekchi Mennonite Church provides basic literacy and secondary education to youth and young adults. Students receive credit through a national correspondence course. With your support Global Family helps to fund teacher and supervisor salaries, transportation and other program costs.


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Global Family - Ethiopia - Remember the Poorest Community

Remember the Poorest Community responds to street children in Nazareth, Ethiopia. Formed by an interchurch fellowship, this ministry helps children return to their communities after living on the street. It also provides HIV/AIDS education and a care-giving program. Your gift through Global Family helps support street children through a 1-year rehabilitation program which works to reintegrate them into their community.

Global Family - Egypt - Mallawi Literacy Project

The Coptic Orthodox Church’s Mallawi Literacy Program provides literacy education for Upper Egyptian village girls and women. Younger girls can then go on for further schooling. Adults and older girls learn reading and basic math. With these tools they can participate fully in community and church. Your gift promotes literacy and helps set up programs in other villages.


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Global Family - Egypt - Girls' Home

At Egypt Girls’ Home in Cairo, orphaned girls find a home and a chance at a better life. This is vital in a male-oriented society where family is very important. Egypt Girls’ Home is operated by a local Protestant church. Your Global Family contribution helps provide textbooks, school supplies, uniforms, stipends for tutors and other necessities.


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Global Family - Colombia - Education Brings Hope project

Cazucá, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Bogotá, faces poor environmental conditions and activities of illegal armed groups. War-time refugees face fear. Children suffer malnutrition and two-thirds cannot access education. Your gift supports the Colombian Mennonite Brethren churches’ school for preschool and primary children, and provides some school fees for older children.


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Global Family - China - Sichuan Scholarships

Without secondary education, young rural Chinese often become migrant factory workers. With China’s climbing tuition costs and limited family resources, your gift makes a lifelong difference in providing an education that will ensure future job stability. Global Family’s Sichuan scholarships cover tuition, books and clothing costs for students in the Guang’an area of Sichuan province.

Global Family - China - New Hope Deaf Training

For children who are deaf or hard of hearing, early intervention is vital. Through New Hope Deaf Training a specialist in northeastern Sichuan now provides speech therapy and training in sign language and use of hearing aids to children. Your Global Family contribution helps train more specialists and provides hearing aids and other services for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Global Family - Colombia - Seeds of Hope

Semillas de Esperanza means “Seeds of Hope.” This program of three Colombian Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches builds positive education opportunities for children and youth, reducing negative community effects of destructive behavior. Your gift helps these churches with before and after school activity, family violence prevention, homework support and extracurricular activities.


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Global Family - Colombia - Peer Mediation

Cali, Colombia’s third largest city, faces high levels of violence, including in its schools. Global Family partner Edupaz works in schools, empowering students and teachers with training in peer mediation of conflicts. Your contribution helps pay for training workshop leaders, materials and transportation.

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Global Family - Burundi - Hope School

The Batwa people have been marginalized in Burundi. Hope School provides an alternative for Batwa children who have been unable to receive an education. School staff and students integrate Batwa, Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups. Your Global Family contribution provides teacher training, teaching supplies and needed classroom furniture.