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Alberta - Opening eyes, transforming lives

Building a culture of peace and justice begins in one's own backyard. A century of migration to Alberta from other nations and from elsewhere in Canada has brought diversity in ethnicity, religion, lifestyle and ideology. The myths and walls that create conflict in a diverse population can often be broken down through simple interaction.

United States - Return to the Earth

The Return to the Earth project supports Native Americans in burying unidentifiable ancestral remains now scattered across the United States by providing burial boxes and cloth. It also enables education and reconciliation between Native and Non-Native peoples. 

Your gift will help Native Americans honor the memory of their ancestors and to acknowledge a past scarred by exile and loss. Through this project, religious communities can begin to acknowledge a history of silence and even collusion in historic wrongs and join the process of restorative justice and reconciliation.

Saskatchewan - Nations coming together in

Appleby Drive is home to more than 400 children under the age of 12. Almost 20 nations are represented among the collection of 10 small apartment buildings on the edge of Saskatoon’s southwest end.

British Columbia - Tools to start anew

Sola fled from Nigeria to Ghana before settling in Vancouver as a refugee. Recalling her journey, Sola, who asks that her last name not be used, says she “felt fear, anxiety and happiness all rolled into one.” When she and her two children arrived in Vancouver they were warmly greeted by a Mennonite congregation that had sponsored them. Sola went back to school and became a licensed practical nurse. She married a Nigerian refugee she had met in Ghana, and they had a son together.

Haiti - Planting for the future

 MCC’s program in environmental education is helping students in the Artibonite Valley recognize the important role they play in protecting Haiti’s fragile environment. Your gift helps plant trees and teach students to care for the environment around them.

Zambia - Wells and dams

The Tonga region of southern Zambia is flat and semi-arid with only small trees dotting the landscape. Residents of this area are challenged by increasing droughts and ever-longer dry seasons. The water level in wells and riverbeds is decreasing, and many women and girls must walk several kilometers or miles each day to find water. This walking and waiting in long lines for water takes time and energy from family, work and schooling.

Canada - Give Friendship

Your gift helps MCC offer support, friendship and needed resources to people building new lives in Canada.

Canada - A peaceful revolution

Imagine a world without war and violence where there is enough for everyone, everywhere. MCC’s peaceful revolution campaign invites people to help build a culture of peace through resisting war, transforming conflict and living simply and sustainably.

United States - Transforming lives in Philadelphia (East Coast Region)

“God is the source: everything else is a resource,” says Ron Muse with intensity. “Go to the source. Go … to … the … source!” This is the message that Muse, an MCC East Coast service worker, brings to the streets of Philadelphia and to those incarcerated in area prisons.

United States - Working for justice in New Orleans (Central States Region)

Long-term, systemic injustices in New Orleans — such as blight in low-income African-American neighborhoods and a lack of affordable rental housing — became dramatically worse after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Rental prices skyrocketed, less housing was available for low-income families, and many African-American people who lived in the city in 2005 have yet to return.


Your gift will meet basic needs, find solutions to poverty and build peaceful communities through MCC’s ongoing programs in Nicaragua.

For the children of Ukraine - Betsy Sherman

Thank you for joining me in supporting two important Global Family programs in rural Ukraine. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of the children in those programs. At Family-Type Children’s Homes, foster care is provided for abandoned children by local Baptist church families who believe children are best raised in a Christian family setting rather than in a large government institution. In Makeeva, the Good Shepherd Shelter provides care and shelter for up to 50 at-risk street children. The Shelter nurtures their personal development and helps them pursue education for a healthier future. After children move out of the program, staff at the Good Shepherd Shelter maintain relationships with them.

Bringing clean water

 Your support for access to clean water and sanitation is an essential part of helping communities make long-term changes to improve health, grow more food and better sustain flocks and herds.

Cash for kits

Your gift to "cash for kits" covers material aid shipping costs and provides funding to purchase items locally. Local purchases enable an immediate or culturally appropriate response. For example, in Haiti MCC provided funding for the purchase of local food, cooking and kitchen equipment and temporary shelters. MCC receives requests for up to $100,000 annually for these types of purchases.


Cash for kits donations at work

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