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Postcolonialism and Anabaptism: A Conversation

This page is solely for the payment of registration and related fees for the Postcolonialism and Anabaptism: A Conversation conference in September 2010.


Each year, cyclists take on a 35 km trail in Clear Lake, Manitoba, in support of MCC programs. By sponsoring a cyclist, your money is going towards MCC HIV/AIDS  projects. Your support will help MCC partners in four program areas: prevention and education, support for orphans and vulnerable children, health systems, and home-based care and income generation in the lives of individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Giving projects

The 2014 Giving Catalog  projects feature MCC's work in disaster relief, building stronger communities and encouraging peace and opportunities for you to become personally involved. Browse the listings on the right and choose the project or program you want to support and find out more on the donate page for each project.


Your gift will meet basic needs, find solutions to poverty and build peaceful communities through MCC’s ongoing programs in Nicaragua.

For the children of Ukraine - Betsy Sherman

Thank you for joining me in supporting two important Global Family programs in rural Ukraine. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of the children in those programs. At Family-Type Children’s Homes, foster care is provided for abandoned children by local Baptist church families who believe children are best raised in a Christian family setting rather than in a large government institution. In Makeeva, the Good Shepherd Shelter provides care and shelter for up to 50 at-risk street children. The Shelter nurtures their personal development and helps them pursue education for a healthier future. After children move out of the program, staff at the Good Shepherd Shelter maintain relationships with them.

Bringing clean water

 Your support for access to clean water and sanitation is an essential part of helping communities make long-term changes to improve health, grow more food and better sustain flocks and herds.

Cash for kits

Your gift to "cash for kits" covers material aid shipping costs and provides funding to purchase items locally. Local purchases enable an immediate or culturally appropriate response. For example, in Haiti MCC provided funding for the purchase of local food, cooking and kitchen equipment and temporary shelters. MCC receives requests for up to $100,000 annually for these types of purchases.


Cash for kits donations at work

In 2011-12

Promoting healthy living

Your gift supports the efforts of volunteers, churches and organizations who are courageously speaking out to prevent the spread of HIV, caring for their neighbors and supporting those orphaned by the pandemic.

Global Family - Egypt - Education for All

El Fashn, a small city on the Nile upriver from Cairo, is in one of Egypt’s poorest areas. Along with high unemployment and low income, education suffers. Girls and children with disabilities are often left out. Global Family partner Ekhlas Coptic Organization for Development fills this education gap. Your gift helps pay school fees for children otherwise unlikely to attend school.


Your gift will meet basic needs, find solutions to poverty and build peaceful communities through MCC’s ongoing programs in Israel/Palestine.

South Sudan - Acting courageously

South Sudan became the world’s newest nation on July 9, 2011. After decades of civil war, building trust is a key part of rebuilding communities in this new country. One MCC-supported participant of the Africa Peacebuilding Institute, Samuel Deng of Rumbek, (left with his family), remembers using what he learned at as he confronted two different groups of soldiers, who had begun arguing and had guns raised in a crowded marketplace. “I asked them to put down their guns and think of their families,” Deng recalls. And slowly, the men did. Your gift supports courageous efforts to work for peace and reconciliation in a place torn by years of violence and fighting. 

Global Family - Chad - Village Altonodji

At Village Altonodji in Chad’s Logone Occidental region, illiteracy rates are as high as 65%. When you support this program of Global Family, you help increase literacy for orphans and vulnerable children. Your funds train student leaders and staff, provide school supplies, food and uniforms for students and also purchase materials for student clubs.


Your gift will meet basic needs, find solutions to poverty and build peaceful communities through MCC’s ongoing programs in Chad.

Iraq - Peace school for children

Iraqi children have been traumatized by years of war, neglect, economic sanctions and continuing violence and upheaval. In summer 2007, MCC supported a pilot program of an Iraqi organization, Mercy Hands, to develop a peace education curriculum in a school in Baghdad. Now, due to the success of that project and a peace education manual created out of that pilot program, MCC is supporting new sessions of a peace education school at Al Hadi Youth Club, located in an impoverished neighborhood of Baghdad.