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Global Family - Paraguay - Yalve Sanga School

Yalve Sanga (“Pool of the Armadillo”) is an indigenous community and a service center for 11 communities of the Central Chaco. Many parents struggle to pay their children’s education. The Chaco Mennonite colonies operate a boarding school for students from the surrounding area.

Global Family - Paraguay - Emanuel Daycare and Pro Educacion School

Single working mothers struggle to pay for children’s education. Emanuel Mennonite Church founded Emanuel Daycare Center and PROED School to help them. The program supports more than 300 students from preschool through secondary school. Your gift helps pay the women who teach and care for children, helps with mothers’ support program costs and buys supplies.

Global Family - Nicaragua - Place of Hope

María, a lawyer, Raquel, a psychologist, and Hollmer, a business administrator, all achieved university education with Global Family scholarship assistance. They formed Place of Hope children’s home in Managua for children who are victims of abuse, abandonment and high-risk situations. Your gift provides uniforms, supplies and tuition for children who escaped violence to live at Place of Hope.


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Global Family - Nicaragua - University Students

Nicaraguans face dire economic conditions with low gross domestic product and high inflation. This places higher education out of reach for many when such training is especially needed. Three Nicaraguan Mennonite conferences provide a scholarship program to help university students. Your Global Family contribution helps students overcome economic obstacles to continue their studies.


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Global Family - Guatemala - K'ekchi Education

The rural K'ekchi people, speaking only K'ekchi, have not had access to education in Spanish-speaking Guatemala. On Saturdays, the K'ekchi Mennonite Church provides basic literacy and secondary education to youth and young adults. Students receive credit through a national correspondence course. With your support Global Family helps to fund teacher and supervisor salaries, transportation and other program costs.


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Global Family - Honduras - Proyecto MAMA

Proyecto MAMA (Women Friends Miles Apart) has a vision: to help children born into poverty to survive and develop their full potential. This program of the Honduran Evangelical Mennonite Church holds parent and teacher workshops. It advocates for children with special needs and learning disabilities. Your gift supports six preschools, two tutoring and student support centers and education scholarships.


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Global Family - Colombia - Seeds of Hope

Semillas de Esperanza means “Seeds of Hope.” This program of three Colombian Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches builds positive education opportunities for children and youth, reducing negative community effects of destructive behavior. Your gift helps these churches with before and after school activity, family violence prevention, homework support and extracurricular activities.


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Global Family - Colombia - Peer Mediation

Cali, Colombia’s third largest city, faces high levels of violence, including in its schools. Global Family partner Edupaz works in schools, empowering students and teachers with training in peer mediation of conflicts. Your contribution helps pay for training workshop leaders, materials and transportation.

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Global Family - Colombia - Education Brings Hope project

Cazucá, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Bogotá, faces poor environmental conditions and activities of illegal armed groups. War-time refugees face fear. Children suffer malnutrition and two-thirds cannot access education. Your gift supports the Colombian Mennonite Brethren churches’ school for preschool and primary children, and provides some school fees for older children.


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Global Family - Bolivia - Stansberry Children's Home

Some 30 orphaned or abandoned children live at Stansberry Children’s Home in Santa Cruz. Your Global Family contribution supports education for these children. This includes vocational training in carpentry, sewing, cooking, welding and crafts. Stansberry also gives children spiritual care, instilling Christian values and helping them become full participants in society.


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Global Family - Bolivia - Guarderia Moises

Many parents in Santa Cruz struggle desperately to provide for their children. Often they have moved to the city in search of work and a better life. Guarderia Moises daycare and kindergarten is a ministry to parents and children in need. Your Global Family support supplies education resources, helps pay a health and hygiene worker’s salary, and covers costs for hot water equipment to assure food safety and good hygiene.

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Global Family - Bolivia - Guarderia Samuelito

Esmirna Mennonite Church on Santa Cruz’s outskirts ministers to families with little income and parents who must leave their children in order to work. By working with children at an early age, Esmirna’s daycare lays the foundation for literacy and provides alternatives to the draw of crime. Your Global Family contribution provides teacher salaries, food and educational resources.


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Global Family - Haiti - House of Hope

Many rural Haitian children are sent to live with a family in Port-au-Prince in hopes of a better life. They end up as “restavek” (domestic slaves), often victims of abuse. House of Hope provides education and life skills training to help children escape the system of violence. Your Global Family contribution helps provide formal education, tutoring and professional training to children in need.


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Global Family - Mexico - Special Education School

In Naucalpan, part of Mexico City, illiteracy is high, especially among those with disabilities. Many people with disabilities have no access to professional help and they may be shut inside and hidden. Global Family partner Classrooms of Hope expanded literacy and education work to help with special education. Your gift helps fund language development, literacy, and motor skills and coordination development.

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Global Family - Nicaragua - Mobile Library

In impoverished and violence-prone neighborhoods, education and reading are a path to a better life. The mobile library supports the habit of reading for pleasure in children, youth and the public. It serves four schools started by Anabaptist churches, in Nagorote, Granada and two in Managua. Your Global Family support funds mobile library costs, improving lives and communities.


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