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People around the world are building peace, often at great risk to their own lives. Christians are called to model Jesus’ example of courageous peacemaking. Your gift helps MCC support people making peace around the world.


Around the world, people live in fear in the midst of violence and conflict.  MCC seeks to actively follow Jesus' example of courageous peacemaking. Your gift helps MCC support people who are creatively and courageously responding to situations of violent conflict, and communities seeking to build peace and justice around the world. 

Colombia - Peace and healing

Give the gift of peace and healing in a country torn by decades of armed conflict.

Give more - China Peace camps

Your gift of peace will provide funds for youth ages 15-18 from China, South Korea and Japan to attend peace camp.

Pursuing peace

Join people around the world who are taking courageous steps to build peace and justice in their communities and nations. Your support helps people gain the tools they need to resolve conflicts and work for lasting peace. 

Give Peace

Your gift of peace helps people build understanding and resolve conflicts in their own communities.

Turning toward peace - Afghanistan

Your gift to the Women Activities and Social Services Association (WASSA) located in Herat Province, in Afghanistan is providing trauma healing services for 270 women over a 3-year period, through counseling and regular group activities.

Building peace

Your gift of peace will help build understanding and enable people to become peacemakers where they live.

South Sudan - Acting courageously

South Sudan became the world’s newest nation on July 9, 2011. After decades of civil war, building trust is a key part of rebuilding communities in this new country. One MCC-supported participant of the Africa Peacebuilding Institute, Samuel Deng of Rumbek, (left with his family), remembers using what he learned at as he confronted two different groups of soldiers, who had begun arguing and had guns raised in a crowded marketplace. “I asked them to put down their guns and think of their families,” Deng recalls. And slowly, the men did. Your gift supports courageous efforts to work for peace and reconciliation in a place torn by years of violence and fighting. 

Indonesia - Picking up fruit for peace

In Indonesia, an effort to recycle spoiled fruit into cooking fuel is helping to lay the groundwork for peace. As group members, including Petru Suharti (left) gather spoiled fruit discarded from neighborhood markets and recycle it into ethanol cooking fuel, they build relationships of trust and respect for one another. Your gift to MCC supports grassroots efforts for peace and work to bring justice and harmony to communities.

Fear not: Seek peace

People around the world are building peace, often at great risk to their own lives. Christians are called to model Jesus’ example of courageous peacemaking. Your gift toward Fear not: Seek peace helps support people seeking peace in their homes, their communities and for the world.

Turning toward peace - Summer Service Support

Your support toward the Summer Service program helps young Christians as they learn, serve and grow to be future leaders in their churches and communities.

Iraq - Peace school for children

Iraqi children have been traumatized by years of war, neglect, economic sanctions and continuing violence and upheaval. In summer 2007, MCC supported a pilot program of an Iraqi organization, Mercy Hands, to develop a peace education curriculum in a school in Baghdad. Now, due to the success of that project and a peace education manual created out of that pilot program, MCC is supporting new sessions of a peace education school at Al Hadi Youth Club, located in an impoverished neighborhood of Baghdad.

Cluster Bomb Advocacy

Your donation will support assistance to cluster bomb survivors in Laos and Lebanon and MCC's advocacy efforts urging the U.S. government to end its use of cluster munitions.  For more information, view the How You Can Help video.

United States - Office on Justice and Peacebuilding

The Office on Justice and Peacebuilding is the integration of Mennonite Conciliation Service and the Office on Crime and Justice. Your gift will help MCC U.S. equip people to live in community and to respond redemptively to interpersonal and systemic conflict, harm and injustice within families, communities and congregations.

Canada - A peaceful revolution

Imagine a world without war and violence where there is enough for everyone, everywhere. MCC’s peaceful revolution campaign invites people to help build a culture of peace through resisting war, transforming conflict and living simply and sustainably.

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