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Planned giving in the U.S.

Your planned gift enables MCC to envision, work toward and plan for a better world.

Planned giving basics

The information contained in this brochure is meant as a guide only. Please consult a professional financial planner or legal adviser and foundation representative before entering into any binding gift arrangement.

Getting started

Ask a financial planner or legal adviser to help you align your resources of cash and other assets with your personal values. The best plans begin with your own deeply held beliefs or priorities, which advisers can then match with your resources and the needs of the organization you wish to partner with. Most Americans consider giving based on their annual income; however, the true giving ability of many people is based more on their accumulated wealth than on their income. An experienced fnancial counselor will help you determine how much and when to give to maximize your lifetime earnings and tax benefits.If gifts require ongoing administration MCC uses the services of a foundation.