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Giving Projects

Colombia Peace
Colombia - Peace and healing

Give the gift of peace and healing in a country torn by decades of armed conflict.

In Colombia, MCC works with partners on efforts to heal trauma, build peace and promote reconciliation. A unique project grew out of a quilting group begun by an MCC worker Teresa Geiser, now of Elkhart, Ind. Women forced from home by paramilitary troops in 2000 started using fabric and brightly colored thread to make story quilts, recounting their experiences and bearing witness to the horror of having to leave home. “Women had a lot of fear, a lot of pain. We watched how they were liberated by doing this,” says Juana Ruíz Hernandez, one of the leaders of the group. The women went on to create works documenting other horrors and massacres in Colombia’s armed conflict and telling about their Afro-Colombian heritage and the history of their ancestors being brought as slaves from Africa.

$35 healing activities - Help people heal from trauma through the arts, drama and storytelling.
$130 reconciliation workshops - Provide workshops to survivors of armed conflict in Colombia.