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Congo: Menno Santé

Menno-Santé (Mennonite Health), is a multi year campaign to revitalize Mennonite hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Your contribution will support hospitals with aging facilities and few resources.

Nearly two decades of war, economic hardships and the departure of foreign missionaries, who once provided a steady stream of funds and supplies from abroad, have taken a serious toll on the hospitals.

Menno-Santé is focused on building the capacity of the hospitals through the provision of essential medications and supplies and training for hospital staff. Support from MCC offers renewed hope to doctors and nurses who work in the hospitals. People who live in the region are thankful for improved access to health care and medicines.

MCC is seeking to raise a total of $630,000 in the multi-year campaign: $140,000 is needed each fiscal year 2009 through 2013.

$28 pays for the daily medications sold at a hospital pharmacy.
$500 helps maintain stable salaries for hospital management staff for one month.
$1,500 provides transportation ( a driver, a reliable vehicle and a mechanic) and delivery for three months supply of medications to a rural hospital.