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Giving Projects


Seed is a 2 year program of the Mennonite Central Committee that focuses on connecting young adults from a variety of places to Reflect, Serve, and Advocate.

Participants of the program come together for 2 years to REFLECT on the issues that keep us separated- from economics, politics, and war; to culture, geography, and theology.

The program connects the reflection on the big issues with community grassroots SERVICE together with communities who are working against significant violence, poverty, and oppression.

While we seek to connect the macro to the micro, and learn to see how the large structures affect real communities- participants learn to speak as a community to ADVOCATE for peace, justice, and equality with our global partners.

Over the next two years, the Seed program will be looking to expand to other locations around the world, with the goal of having a Seed unit in all international regions where MCC is working- Europe and Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America/Caribbean. Your gift will help the program grow.