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Turning toward peace - Afghanistan

Your gift to the Women Activities and Social Services Association (WASSA) located in Herat Province, in Afghanistan is providing trauma healing services for 270 women over a 3-year period, through counseling and regular group activities. According to Jamila Sharifi, counselor at WASSA, many women who enter the program say, “I am useless; I am not important; I have no value.”Jamila reminds the women that God created each of them and that they are not to give up on their lives.

Zahra Hasanapur, managing director of WASSA notes, “We are not hopeless and voiceless. I believe we will change the situation. We have many strong women who are working for women in Afghanistan.”

During decades of war and political turmoil, women in Afghanistan have faced many constraints, sometimes resorting to suicide to escape the violence and hopelessness that surrounds them. Established in 2002, WASSA promotes the equal participation of women in the socio-economic sectors of the country.

$10 is the travel cost for a woman to go to one counseling session.
$300 is the cost of providing counseling to one woman for one year.
$525-$675 is the monthly salary for a counselor.