Offering new skills and income opportunities

Bringing new opportunities to people around the world

Providing legal aid and hospitality for newcomers

Provide rehabilitation and clean-up in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion.

Helping families begin to raise chickens

Helping farmers adapt to climate change and feed their families


Your gift to "cash for kits" covers shipping and land transportation for donated MCC kit material.

Providing food, shelter, legal assistance and psychosocial support to vulnerable migrants in Central America.

Carry on Michael J. Sharp’s passion for peace in DR Congo

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in vulnerable communities.

Meet urgent needs of the world's most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Respond to the needs of people in Malawi and Mozambique who have been affected by Cyclone Idai

Celebrate National Donut

Improving access to education and vocational training

Giving girls the chance to go to school

Girl’s Care Home in Egypt

Educational Center for Disadvantaged Children in Ukraine

Provide emergency food to vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharing a new way for families to support themselves

Expanding harvests and improving nutrition

Providing emergency food in times of disaster or crisis

Providing years of bounty and nutrition

Providing clean water for a community

Sharing a new way for families to support themselves

Helping four people stitch their way to a better future

Providing a goat for nutrition and income

Your gift to SWAP helps support the efforts of volunteers to address sub-standard housing in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.

Helping people protect their health

Improving hygiene, promoting community health and preventing disease

Help families impacted by the torrential rains, flooding and landslides caused by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Support MCC's International Volunteer Exchange Program.

Helping families displaced by violence in the Kasai region of DR Congo

Friends of MCC who have registered to participate in an MCC Learning Tour have the option to pay their fee by credit card or PayPal through this site.

Improving hygiene and saving lives

Your contribution to the Luann Martin Legacy Fund will support MCC and its partners as they strive to enable mothers and children to build strong foundations for healthy lives.

Join us in marking 100 years of relief, development and peace in the name of Christ by taking part in a nationwide MCC Centennial Celebration Offering.
Your gift to meat canning helps feed hungry people around the world.

Caring for people displaced from their homes

Caring for children around the world through food, water and education

Strengthening MCC’s ministry of relief, development and peace

MCC partner New Profile, based in Israel, acts to demilitarize Israeli society.

For more than a decade, MCC has partnered with Faith Alive Foundation to provide a comprehensive HIV and AIDS program that includes testing, prenatal care, delivery and counseling.

Building a just peace and a safe and secure home for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Working for peace in places torn by war and conflict

Equipping young people to be peacemakers

Supporting community peacebuilding programs

For $10, you can help protect front-line workers with personal protective equipment during COVID-19.

Providing a pig for nutrition and income

Providing seeds, tools and water for gardens

Providing hygiene supplies during the pandemic

Providing urgent relief to people affected by disasters around the world

Your gift to MCC’s restorative justice work in the U.S.

Your gift to Seed supports young adults as they reflect, serve and advocate.

Support an MCC SALT'er.

Sharing light for children to read and study at night

Your gift supports courageous efforts to work for peace and reconciliation in South Sudan.
South Sudanese refugee receives relief in Ethiopia

Providing famine relief in South Sudan and supporting South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia. 

Supporting young adults serving their communities and churches

Support a volunteer worker in the country where they are currently serving.

Providing for basic needs, including food, education, rent assistance, water, winter clothing, heaters, fuel and trauma healing

Your donation will support MCC's efforts in relief, development and peace in Tanzania.

Providing winter supplies, emergency food and kits, and counseling to people affected by the conflict.

Respond to the needs of Venezuelans who have fled to Colombia and Ecuador
Meeting urgent needs in times of disaster and crisis

Building irrigation systems, wells and piped water systems, bringing clean water to communities

Helping students stay healthy

Providing services to immigrants in the U.S. and supporting immigration law trainings

Helping communities access clean water

Meeting urgent needs and providing opportunities around the world

Give a gift to the Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network (YAMEN)

Building a brighter future for children affected by war

Your gift gives young people opportunities to serve in the name of Christ.
Your gift helps put water within reach for families and communities around the world.