Hello family and friends!

I've always wanted to do long term service, but I always had excuses that seemed to get in the way. School and work were always too important and took too much time to allow me to seriously think about doing something like SALT. Getting laid off last year was an unpleasant shock at first, but it allowed me to consider avenues that were previously closed. Even while I was busy moping and pitying myself, I began thinking about the abruptly untethered situation I found myself in and how it meant that I could finally pursue service without guilt or apprehension about falling behind in school, or missing work. I realized that this new-found, forced freedom could be more of a blessing than the curse (or at least annoyance) I had first assumed. So I applied (late) for SALT, and some short weeks later, I was accepted for a position in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe!

I will be heading to Pennsylvania on August 15 and then on August 22 will travel to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, via MCC's SALT program. I'll be working for Fruitful Harvest Ministry to improve and expand their online media presence. Fruitful Harvest Ministry's goal is to minister to, and offer self-sustainable aid for local orphanages in the Bulawayo area. I'm excited to explore and experience all that Bulawayo has in store for me, and hope that I can help the Church and Fruitful Harvest Ministry move forward and offer aid to as many people as possible.

I am so grateful for any and all support that I've been given, including financial aid, prayers, words of encouragement, and everything in between. Thank you so much to the many people who have helped me get to where I am today, and thank you all for the continuing support! I will never be able to express enough gratitude.

Thank you again,
Chance Beachy

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Funds raised: $3,600.00 towards the goal of $5,600.00