I have always joked with my mom that, as a baby, my first words were, "I'm leaving." Whether it's a different state or a different country, there is something beautiful to be found. For those of you that know me, traveling, teaching, and children are a few things that I love. At the end of last year, I was looking for my next adventure and praying to God that he guided me to where I needed to be. A friend reached out and told me about the MCC program that they had, and I was hooked. After months of praying to God that, if it was His will, I would be where I am at today, He has given me a chance to do something that I have dreamed about.

I pray that you take a chance to pray about me, and everyone else who has decided to serve our Lord, and to help others. Please think about me in this time of need. I will be leaving a lifestyle I have known my whole life, and I will be entering into something that will not only push me from my comfort zone, but will also pull me closer to God.

With this program we are asked to raise a minimum of $5,600 dollars. It would mean the world to me if you thought about donating to me today. If you can't, I ask that you think about me in this time of my life.

Love always and God's peace,
Cora :)

Funds raised: $5,620.39 towards the goal of $5,600.00