Hello! My name is Jose Ortiz and I graduated from Goshen College this spring with majors in Biochemistry and Psychology. Starting this August I will be off to serve in Chapagaun, Nepal as a Nutrition Researcher through MCC's serving and leading together program (SALT). I will be conducting field research closely related to maternal and child nutrition, and implement projects related to healthy nutrition, food availability, income generation, and access to maternal and child health care services. Along with this, I will be forming great relationships with my community in Nepal. I will work towards learning Nepali and getting to know the community. Overall, I am very excited and grateful for this service opportunity in Nepal!

This was a very hard decision for me and my family especially considering that this service will last 11 months. Despite this, I felt that I was being called to dedicate this coming year to service, and nutrition researcher through the SALT program feels like the perfect opportunity to do this. I would appreciate encouragement and prayers throughout this journey. I would also appreciate any financial support as I am responsible for raising a minimum of $5,700 towards funding this trip. Donations can be given through this website. Thank you for all your support.

Funds raised: $270.00 towards the goal of $5,700.00